Season Two

Episode 201 - Kylo: The Road to Ren

In the Season 2 premiere of Kyloki, Matt produces a thrilling documentary following Kylo as he trains for his next big fight.

Episode 202 - Villain Con

As Loki prepares to give the keynote speech at Villain Con, an unexpected visit from General Hux threatens to ruin his big moment.

Episode 203 - Asgardian Lemonade

After Matt refuses to invest in their dream projects, Kylo and Loki open up a lemonade stand and learn that earning money themselves is harder than they thought.

Episode 204 - Along Came Phasma

In the Season 2 finale, Matt and Captain Phasma's first date goes awry when Loki and Kylo show up to crash it.

Season One

Series Teaser

Kyloki follows the comedic misadventures of three dysfunctional guys who must learn to live together as roommates, which is no easy task when two of them are infamous super villains Kylo Ren and Loki.



Episode 101 - The Bathroom Menace

In the season premiere of Kyloki, Matt calls a roommate meeting to negotiate chores with his roommates, two of the most powerful super villains in the galaxy.

Episode 102 - Pranks

A prank war between Kylo and Loki puts both of their reputations in jeopardy.


Episode 103 - The Dark Side

When the power goes out in the apartment, Kylo and Loki's best friend Wanda (aka Scarlet Witch) compete to see who is more powerful.

Episode 104 - Kyle Solo

Kylo Ren receives an unexpected visit from his brother - Kyle Solo - and the two strike up a deal for control of the family business.

Episode 105 - Pulpatine

When Kylo's favorite coin goes missing, he begins a crusade to find out where it went.

Episode 106 - New Years

In the season finale of Kyloki, Matt's plans for his annual New Years party go awry, and he's left with Kylo, Loki, and Wanda to battle him for the champion's crown.