Leisure Elk Productions

About Leisure Elk

Jordan Henry and Arielle Waldman spend way too much time thinking about, talking about, and fantasizing about pop culture. Since meeting in 2014, their friendship has blossomed through their mutual obsessions with various movies, TV shows, British men, and much more. Leisure Elk was created as a platform to celebrate the fan experience through innovative storytelling and comedic voices.

Leisure Elk creates character driven series for fangirls and boys, nerds, and anyone who loves to laugh. This content aims to represent narratives not always seen in mainstream media as a way to engage with a passionate and diverse community.

Or it's all just a ploy to meet Captain America...



About Arielle

Originally from the Midwest, Arielle Waldman has been writing since she was ten years old (most of her early work is illegible but will hopefully someday be worth millions). She has been in the entertainment industry since 2011 and has worked on numerous television shows, including Netflix's critically acclaimed comedy, One Day at a Time. She studied creative writing at Emerson College, but her passion for writing comedy started at a young age by watching shows like The Nanny and Will & Grace. Despite her parents' concerns, watching all that television has paid off, and she is fulfilling her dream of creating her own comedy series filled with the kind of complex and unique characters that first inspired her to write. When not writing, Arielle likes to hunt for the best tacos in LA, create gourmet popcorn, and spend time with her niece and nephew - Australian shepherds Bella and Jake.


About Jordan

Jordan Henry grew up in southern West Virginia, where she spent much of her childhood watching Wishbone on PBS and reading Harry Potter as many times as possible. Her passion for storytelling propelled her to pursue a bachelors degree in radio & television at the University of Central Florida and a masters degree in television at Boston University. Since moving to LA in 2013, she has worked on various television productions, including Revenge, Code Black, and Santa Clarita Diet. In her free time, Jordan can often be found crafting, watching ice hockey, and baking extravagant breads and desserts.